“All great journeys start with small steps and meaningful questions.” Senge, P.

Hello and welcome to my MA final project weekly blog!

Are you fascinated by user’s behaviors?

Are you passionate about social innovation and co-design?

Then you will find this blog interesting!

My one year journey at the  “Design for Sustainability” program will end in less than nine weeks. It is a short period to finish a final project. Already one week has passed!  But at the same time it is exciting too!

As designers, I believe that we are more involved than ever in the process of “design for design” and tend to overlook user needs and subsequently the essential respect for the true model and mentor, nature. With this notion, I chose the Master of Art in “Design for Sustainability” program for continuing my education.

My passion in Sustainability is behavior change content.  Today, the conventional goal of sustainable design as designing energy efficient and recyclable products has shifted and a designer must be capable of changing users’ behaviors. Sustainable behavior empowers designers to directly modify people’s experiences and behaviors and convert their individual interests to collective interests of the society in sustainable patterns.

During the last two quarters I studied this content from different perspectives; such as customer needs, brands identity, and social innovation. I believe people’s behaviors are the key in developing sustainable communities of the future and promoting diversification, resilience, and self-evolving abilities in our future generations.

For my final project I decided to focus on design innovation from the perspective of creating new behaviors among users. Today, more than ever in the history of design, there is enormous pressure in innovation. This competitive atmosphere has caused conspicuous consumption patterns and results in obsolescent relationships between users and their possessions.  Innovative engagement that creates a more valuable relationship between user and product can lead to meaningful experiences.

Thanks for your time!


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