Initial Problem Statement

Today, many responsible companies have built their knowledge to fully incorporate the natural environment into their business framework. These evolutionary corporations comprehend that competitive advantage requires sturdy development of environmentally restorative products, services and systems. (Nattrass & Altomare, 1999)

Despite the significant of sustainable life cycle thinking, current market more than ever in the history of design, has created enormous pressure on innovation that resulted in competitive atmosphere, conspicuous consumption patterns, and obsolescent relationships between users and their possessions. Therefore, changes in user’s behaviors and habits could also create unbelievable and impressive results in protecting our natural resources. According to University of Delft, the user experience of products and services is an important factor in the user motivation to alter his or her behavior. Creating desirable and meaningful experiences require innovative engagement and valuable relationship between user and products.

Consequently, this project will identify and address the challenges and opportunities for manufacturers to understand their consumers’ needs and behaviors at a deeper level and raise their awareness about sustainable choices. There is opportunity to develop strategies and frameworks for creation of more social and active collaboration between consumers, their communities and trusted brands. Companies that are able to operate at greater levels of transparency and responsiveness to their consumers’ desires will perceive improved brand image. (Senge, & et al, 2008)

Nattrass, B., Altomare, M., (1999) The Natural Step for Business; Wealth, Ecology, and The Evolutionary Corporation, New Society Publishers, Canada

Senge, P., & et al, (2008) The Necessary Revolution; Working together to Create a Sustainable World, Broadway Books, New York.



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