When enough is enough?!

When you are working on your MFA project, you always have this feeling that “I still need to do more research, more literature review!” and this goes on forever! But, when you are working on a literally 9 weeks MA project, the story is totally different and the question is:

When enough is enough?!

Looking at my warwall (just behavior change part!) I already have covered more than 12 different sources for behavior change strategies from health content to community marketing! I believe now should be a time to focus on analysis and synthesis parts! But, what if there is  another good source out there that I am missing and can change my project! But I think that is a risk all of us out there are taking.


Some interesting points:

  • “The best design way to facilitate behavioral change is to “put hot triggers in the path of motivated people.”  BJ Fogg
  • As designers it is important to identify occasions that provide people with opportunities to frequently engage in an activity and alter their beliefs about that specific behavior in these situations.    Dough McKenizie-Mohr
  • Consumer decision is based on being in favor of doing the behavior, social pressure, and control of the action in question.    Icek Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behavior
  • Self-control can key element is co-designing for behvaior change as it is a personal regulation of goal-directed behavior or performance. It provides opportunities for self-monitoring, goal setting, problem solving, and self-reward.     Social Cognitive Theory




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