A great article about role of design in the future of Sustainability

The Future of Sustainability Is Design, Not Communication


All of us that are taking the the stressful path of final project and thesis, there are some delightful moments of finding an article that exactly points to our objective! it is like a fresh breeze!I am having one of those moments tonight with reading this amazing article from sustainable brands. It actually inspired the title of my final project:


The article is about the future of sustainability and role of design. It points out the important new trends between consumers and brand innovation. Its connection to my project is about conscious customers and their power in directing their favorite brands toward sustainable practices. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to this fact too! Many brands mislead this desire with greenwashing! So, I believe there is a need and opportunity to develop a more transparent and collaborative process to reaffirm trust and empower consumers to change and maintain their behaviors. According to this article this process will be successful if considers:

“the shift to a conception of value based on meaning rather than message, empowerment rather than persuasion; value that is co-created with consumers in the context of their lives, rather that embedded within a product or transaction. Fundamentally, value that is designed rather than communicated.”


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