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And that's a wrap for MA final project

And that’s a wrap for MA final project

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Why do I like my project?

When during past quarters at SCAD, I was studying different behavior change programs especially the ones which are related to products, I found the proposed strategies are based on the control interaction for the user or the product.

On the other hand I read about the empowerment of customers who care about sustainable life style and will trust products or brands that support and enable their life style choices.

So, I thought how I can expand the part of these behavior change frameworks that focus on customer power?

Three elements are influencing a behavior: habit (what are doing?), context/control/ability (why are you doing that?), and intention (what do you like to do?). The strongest is context.

For changing any behavior three elements are essential: Motivations (intentions), ability (context), and trigger or opportunity. All the strategies out there are related to any of these sections. Considering my target group (I could support it by LOHAS) they have the ability and motivation (Early adopters/ambassadors) or they use to their daily habits, but are highly motivated to change it toward sustainable habits (explorers). Ambassadors just need the trigger or opportunity and explorers need ability and triggers to change.

In searching for solutions, I remembered experience economy book and power of desirable experiences to convince people to change their habits.

I searched deeper and found the framework of experiences from Delft university that presents: aesthetic, emotional, and meaningful (the deepest) as the three different levels of experience in an interaction between a product and a user.

I focused my studies on meaningful experiences and read Making Meaning and Sustainable by Design books. At the same time I looked at successful companies to see what is out there in the real world and I found Method, Unilever, Nike, Starbucks as brands and ipod, nest, and eco-kettle as products.

Also, I am reading different online articles from TriplePundit to Sustainable Brands and they support my idea that the future of innovation is not product, but is behavior change and the future of behavior change is not information is context and context is a source for creating experiences.

Now, after reading all these resources have lots of insights, But I kind of stuck in my concepts phase and not sure about further levels! I know the answer is a transparent collaboration! but so many uncertainties!

Just wanted to remind myself why I like my project and what journey did I take during past six weeks. I believe in my proposal, maybe it is a good idea to restart week seven from it:

Meaningful experiences are meaningful innovations for changing behaviors toward sustainability.